by To Die Elsewhere

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released September 30, 2016

Vocals: Richard Marsland
Drums: Jamison Dufour
Guitar: Spencer Kienzle
Bass: Michael Daniel (Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7), Spencer Kienzle (Tracks 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14)

Written and Produced by: To Die Elsewhere
Engineered and Mixed by: Jacob Hignight
Mastered by: Stephen Pettyjohn at Ethereal Mastering
Artwork by: Taylor Bates at New Melody Art Design



all rights reserved


To Die Elsewhere Salem, Oregon

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Track Name: Day I
I open my eyes to a grey sun
Adding a hint of contrast to a dark world
A lifeless pit that tries to keep me in
So I decide to look for a way out
Escape to a place full of color
And I stumble upon what’s left of a road

But I’m not alone
They move in from all sides
They come in closer with faces just like mine
But with crooked smiles
They sing through their teeth
“You have arrived, this place is enough”
Track Name: Climb
Reborn into an unforgiving world
I’ve got a second chance
But how can I survive when everything wants me to die?
With wolves around each corner
The only way is up
Chainsaws and chainmail are still no protection from their cuts

So climb on words of ancients
Keep your sights set up high
Escape to safety in the sky

Our lives lay between jaws of evil
Only truth can snatch us away
Our hearts are haunted by the sins of tomorrow
Only love will bring the light of day

The stones the teeth of a hungry earth
Gnashing with my every step in the dirt
One slip and I’ll find myself in the fangs
Their constant threat draws my eye to the grave

Battered and burnt, I’ve got my back to the wall
Surrounded by wolves on the hunt
Why give me life just to watch me die
Have you abandoned me?
Or where is my...

Escape by the bridges you built before, you plotted years ago
I saw construction but found no worth until at deaths door

But I’m not ever safe
Until I’m in you arms
I’ll find another threat
Teach me to be strong

Waves rise and break
Break skin and poison the blood within
Find shelter from soil and sea alike
And just find a way to climb
Track Name: Smoke & Mirrors
Keep the fire low and stay still in the shadows
Locked doors keep private lies hidden away from prying eyes
The disease is spreading, my flesh is rotting
But my condition is not their business
I’ll hide away until its finished

There’s nothing wrong with me
That you can see
So keep your distance, there’s nothing here to see
I’m only dying

The price of pride is paid in pain
Through covering up my shame
But I hide it all behind a smile
And say I’m fine, I’m okay
All the while my heart it breaks
And I look for a chance to escape
Why won’t you just look the other way

Just let me be

We speak in whispers when we don’t want to be heard
We lock out the doctor when we don’t want to be cured

Smoke and mirrors distract the eye
Lead the audience to fantasize
While the ugly truth is behind the curtain
Neither seen nor heard
Neither helped nor cured
And I’m praised instead of despised

This is my body stripped and broken
In the light for the first time

Hide your eyes I beg again
From the scars that cover my skin
Broken and full of disease
This is my sin
Drink it in

We speak in whispers when we don’t want to be heard
We lock out the doctor when we don’t’ want to be cured
I am disgusting, my body tortured
But now I fall on my knees and beg to be cured
Track Name: Mask of a Judge
I feel their stares, like arms around my throat
Tightening with every mistake
Worthless, I see it on their faces
I feel it in my veins and want to release it

Just let it out, just let it out
I can’t take it
Just let it out, just let it out
I want to end it

Won’t have to worry anymore
About being your perfect boy
Will you even cry or be relieved when I...

Be still my child you are forgiven

I’ve seen it all and I cried
Not for your fall but your pain
They’ve been there too but they hide
Hide their pride behind their blame

They’ve learned that the mask of a judge
Can cover the face of the guilty
But if they could love like I love
Then they could save the hurting

I’ve felt those stares as well, but those are my arms around your throat
Protecting you from the blades you’ve come to desire

You are loved
Track Name: Beasts Below
A cold darkness seeps into mind
But I push it back, push it back inside
Into the cracks and corners that no one’s ever seen
Into the dark waters of the deep

I forget its there until it comes out to feed
Tearing away at my self esteem
It hides there away from the light
I try not to notice as long as it hides

The beasts below now break the surface
Bursting from my chest, their ocean
No longer hidden in the deep
They fight for air the light an audience

Illuminate the darkest regions of this sea
Eradicate these beasts within me
Track Name: Lapidation
I sentence you to chains
But they’re the same that shackle my bones
I mock that you climb that ladder just to fall
But I’m three steps up
I’m already three steps up
And I’m so afraid to come down

But first I will watch you fall

You’re not the only guilty one here
But I’ll turn a blind eye, a deaf ear
I’ll call out your blood stained hands
So they don’t see it dripping from my lips

I choose my stone, make ready to fly
But I keep my eye on the man to my right
I know that at any moment it could be me
It could be me

Let them fly
Let them fly
Surely he will die
They’ll all see my hate
So the won’t recognize my chains
Let them fly

When their eyes turn back at me
The blood is still here it never leaves

Put down the stones
Have mercy, have mercy
Deep down aren’t we all guilty?
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
Just let me live
Can’t anyone forgive?

Let them fly
Track Name: The Owl and the Mason
Her voice rings loud at the gates
“How long will you love your simple ways?
You avoid knowledge like a plague and remove the truth like a tumor”
The crowds gather to hear her speak
Gasp at the promises she makes
Death will come to us all
From the towers we build we’ll fall

Lie to me
Don’t you dare tell me to change
Lie to me
Just tell me it will all be okay
Lie to me
I don’t care what you have to say
Lie to me
Or just go away

We silenced her with our swords
And locked her away in the dirt
But her words still echo down my spine
I try to bury them too but they just won’t die

And so I build my tower
And ignore the resemblance to gallows
Stone upon stone my life is laid
In earnest ignorance
But that voice haunts these halls
And I feel the walls, they’re shaking
This temple’s unsound when I’m the builder
Lust and greed are no proper mortar

But where is she now?
I search for her like silver
I long to hear her again
But know that I’m the murderer

So I write her words on my arms
As much as I recall
Then I turn and walk away
As I let my tower fall
Track Name: Unfinished
The gears have lost their teeth
To a mechanical methamphetamine
The belts are slipping, slipping into a depression

Who is the mastermind
That’s behind all mankind?
Could he see what he was building?
Form muscle and bone
And let the veins be sewn
But no heart, no brain, they’re easily corrupted

This is a failure
The machine decays before our eyes
Pull the plug on this disaster
This body is flawed in its construction

I don’t understand
I tried so hard, I tried so hard
But I still can’t make it
Why would you waste your time to build something that would fail you?

Was I made from spare parts?
The leftovers of prophets and heroes?
Am I the one you forgot?
Forgot to finish?

I think theres a short circuit in my chest
because my heart is cold and lungs depressed
with no air to form the words from my lips
I am unfinished

Was I made from spare parts?
Was there nothing left?

I made you perfectly incomplete
To search for the missing piece that is my
I made you perfectly incomplete
Rely on me
Track Name: The Anchor Drowned
How long have I been drifting?
Sail wrapped around my bones
To fight off the piercing cold
The only thing keeping me alive
The only thing keeping me from life

I ignore your whispers in the wind
And wait for a ship to bring me in

Drop the anchor and stay in place
Don’t dare stray into uncertainty
Choose familiar danger over the strange
And wait to be saved

I ignore your whispers in the wind

I’m lost at sea
I understand if you forget about me

I ignore your whispers in the wind
I’m much more comfortable in sin

I open my ears and sails
Your breath carries me to safety
Your words to sanity
Thank God I am loved
Track Name: Renfield
I start with a fly, then move on to a spider
And soon I’m coughing up a sparrow’s feathers

As I devour each life I feel that much stronger
But it’s poison
Each skull a stepping stone to all that I desire
But it’s poison
What I take I’ve earned and I relish my reward
But it’s poison
With every bite of flesh it seems so much easier

I know the first shall be last
But my blood stained teeth
Can’t wait for their meal

I sit on a throne ten stories high
Built from my brothers’ spines
I’ve found my treasure here on earth
But soon it will rot with me in the dirt

We weren’t made strong to feed off the weak
We were given strength to feed the hungry

Give to me what I deserve
Track Name: Whispers
I open my eyes to the same sun
Glowing on a faded world
I rise on shaky knees to numb feet
My legs take me back to familiar roads
Where familiar faces stare
And I remember just how they got there

I know what comes next
Pick up my step before
My path is blocked by rotting flesh
A sea of teeth and nails can’t be crossed by
A heart that’s not resilient

“Join us in this death
Your struggle is worthless
Repetition is the sign of your depletion
You have nothing left”

Break through

My ears stopped by determination
My legs strengthened through will
I’m not what they say
I’ll find the strength to find a new day
Cut this loop and cheat death to find a new sun

Breath cut short by the collar of my shirt
In the grasp of those that went before me
A thousand fingers still gripping still pulling
Tearing back at my confidence

Surety they will die

They were right
I can’t make it
They were right
I am nothing
I had my chance and didn’t take it
Now this is where it ends

Is there nothing that can give us strength?
It seems I’ve tried everything

But then I hear a whisper in the wind
“You are loved”

My strength renewed but not of my own
The gears in me were stripped hours ago
This can’t be done by flesh alone
But I’m reignited by love

So I break through the crowd
And I break through time
To watch the sun fall on the longest day of my life
Repeated failure now behind
Tomorrow a new sun will rise
And whatever new fight I find I know that I am loved